Mercury and PCB Cleanup and Disposal

KES's trained staff has performed several PCB cleanup projects in accordance with U.S. E.P.A. regulation 40 CFR, Part 761. Mercury cleanups involved mercury containing electrical switches and motors as well as medical and laboratory apparatus damaged or broken during shipping, storage or use. The PCB cleanups involved leaking transformer oil. Our Clients for such projects consisted of large industrial establishments as well as medical and educational institutions such as hospitals, universities, colleges and high schools. These activities comprised source identification, pre cleanup sampling and analysis, determination of spill boundaries, cleanup, post cleanup verification sampling and analysis and report preparation. KES owns several state of the art equipment such as Jerome Meter for onsite mercury vapor analysis and Merc Vac for removal and collection of elemental mercury. To a variety of clients, we have provided transportation and disposal services for mercury and PCB containing materials and equipment such as electrical switches, mercury apparatus, transformers, capacitors, ballasts, PCB contaminated soil, PCB oil and the like.